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  • Posted on: 10 February 2019
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An ACT to mandate that all teachers are certified in Special Education

Be it enacted by the Youth Model Legislation of the State of New Jersey that a government program is implemented to ensure that every teacher in the public school district is trained in Special Education. Specifically, how educate a student with a learning disability to give them the proper education.

Section I: This program will be conducted in the beginning of each school year to ensure that teachers are prepared to help every students needs. This program will be facilitated by a Special Education Committee.

Section II: The advisory committee shall consist of those who enforce the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act in the State of New Jersey.

Section III: Teachers will partake in training funded by the school district to earn special education training. They will also be educated on how to implement Individual Education Plans (IEP). The training will last one week prior to school starting.

Section IV: If a school in the state of New Jersey does not partake in this training teachers will have to revoke their teaching licenses and lose state funding.

Effective Date: For tax purposes this bill shall come into effect at the start of the 2022 fiscal year.

Statement of intent: The intent of this bill is to give all teachers in the State of New Jersey Special education certification to help every student despite their learning disabilities. It is one thing for as teacher to follow an Individual Education Plan but without the education of how to implement it they are jeopardizing their students education.

Financial Statement: Although the provision of tax credits and the payment of an advisory board would incur an initial cost, every teacher participating in this training will be paid along with those who are training the teachers.