Bill and Other Assignment Submission

  • Posted on: 10 February 2019
  • By: admin

To submit your assignment, you first need to create an account. You delegation advisor should have the registration code that you need to create your account. Please make sure that you use the proper code (there is one for legislative delegates and one for specialized committee delegates). Once you've created your account, you will be able to submit your assignment. For Bills, you follow the format on the submission page. Each section has a separate box and you fill them in appropriately. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you write your bill on your computer then copy and paste it into the website. This will eliminate the possibility of loosing your work if there is an issue submitting you bill. For specialized assignments, you complete your assignment as per your instructions, following any template for requirements which are give, and upload the file. Please make sure that your work in in a Microsoft Word compatible format (.doc, .docx).

As always, if you have any issues, please send an email to