Be it enacted by the Youth Model Legislature by the State of New Jersey that in-patient long-term rehabilitation is covered by medicaid

  • Posted on: 27 March 2019
  • By: Alexis Bonilla
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Seeking to have Medicaid cover long-term inpatient rehabilitation
Enactment Clause: 
Be it enacted by the Youth Model Legislature by the State of New Jersey that in-patient long-term rehabilitation is covered by Medicaid
Section I: This bill is referring to the currently growing-opioid rising in New Jersey (specifically, but not exclusive to the opioid addiction crisis) ‘Medicaid’ is defined as a public healthcare system implemented through the federal government ‘Long-term rehabilitation’ is defined as “a facility that provides rehabilitative, restorative, and/or ongoing skilled nursing care to patients or residents in need of assistance with activities of daily living.” Can range anywhere from 30 days to 6 months ‘Detox’ is defined as “a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.” Typically 5 to 7 days ‘In-patient care’ refers to care for a patient who is formally admitted (or 'hospitalized') to an institution for treatment and/or care and stays for a minimum of one night in the hospital or other institution providing in-patient care Includes detox (see c.)
Section II: Addiction is a heartbreaking cycle that is difficult to escape from because it is classified as a disease Medicaid is beneficial to a lot of people who suffer from substance abuse disorders who can’t afford rehabilitation because it covers it, however, it does not always cover long-term rehab. People with substance abuse disorders are usually able to go into rehab centers and detox in order to get them off of the drugs, but this does not help with coping and long-term effects. After being released from detox, there is very little that is keeping an addict from going back to the substance in which their body depends, and so they are sent back into this statistically inescapable cycle of addiction. 43% of non-elderly adults in the US are covered by Medicaid to get help with opioid addiction, versus 21% with private insurance, and 23% who were uninsured entirely. Those covered by Medicaid were nearly 50%, showing how a ton of people are in desperate need of this program, and the implementation of long term- inpatient rehab would be overall beneficial
Effective Date: 
This bill shall come into effect on January 1, 2020
Statement of Intent: 
This bill aims to help break the cycle of addiction in order to help addicts get their lives back on track. By helping to provide affordable long-term rehab for those suffering from substance abuse disorders, it gives them a better chance at being able to better adjust into society.
Author's Note: 
it is to be noted that people with addiction issues prefer to be referred to as “Person who suffers from (a) substance abuse disorder(s)” in place of the term, “addict”
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utilizing annual budget New Jersey receives for Medicaid New Jersey receives nearly $15 billion dollars to be directed towards Medicaid
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