Prohibiting political expression in public school environments

  • Posted on: 13 March 2019
  • By: Tina Yao
Bill Number: 
Primary Chamber: 
AN ACT to to completely restrict teachers or administrators in public schools from expressing political views in the school zone, specifically towards students.
Enactment Clause: 
Be it enacted by the Youth Model Legislature of the State of New Jersey that more restrictive laws be implemented to obliterate political bias and potential of brainwashing young undeveloped minds in public schools.
Section I: Defines: Political views as any statements, lectures, or curriculum that mention or imply the current or fairly recent political state of the country. School zone as “in, or on the grounds of, a public… school; or within a distance of 1,000 feet from the grounds of a public… school.”
Section II: The State of New Jersey shall: Limit teachers and administrators from all forms of political expression. This includes, but is not limited to: verbal or digital statements, showing political art/comics, videos, articles or journal entries. Enact an anonymous report system when students feel a teacher has expressed his/her political opinion, and implement a strike system as punishment. After three strikes, the teacher may experience salary cuts, excess supervision, and other sanctions. Allow history lessons to continue educating students on past politics. Clarify that nothing recent or current may be mentioned by the teacher, even in contextualization Permit explanation of the structure of government but not the effects it has on current politicians or political environment Continue to encourage students to learn about the political world, just not from a teacher or in a classroom.
Section III: The purpose of this bill is to prevent any personal political bias from teachers or school districts to take place. Teachers are paid to teach subjects of general knowledge, not share their opinions. Especially in high schools, where seniors can vote, this bill is especially prevalent. Recent restrictions are infected with loopholes and possibility of evasion, which is why this bill is completely intolerant of any political sharing of any kind. This bill is solid assurance that no student should ever feel his or her own personal political views are endorsed, oppressed, or feel obligated to make political decisions based on teacher bias.
Effective Date: 
This Bill shall take effect on September 1st, 2019 to allot enough time to prepare for the beginning of the New Jersey school year and upcoming fiscal year.
Statement of Intent: 
The purpose of this bill is to completely prevent the possibility of politics influencing the classroom and the students in it. Previous regulations have been lax and children who attend public school continuously feel there is a political majority in their school. This imbalance is unnecessary in a supposed unbiased learning zone and retains the potential to hindrance the mental capabilities of students. A real time example of the political oversharing consequences happened right after the election of 2017, when teachers in schools all over the state protested the results. Schools across the state shut down and teachers sent out emails describing the utter devastation that would occur. This widespread panic hindered the learning process and research showed that communities favoring Trump reported bullying to be 18 percent higher than in communities that voted for Hillary Clinton. By completely eradicating any mentions of political interference in the school environment, there is zero risk of students feeling that political pressure. The purpose of this bill is not to constrict a student’s understanding of politics, rather it aims to ensure their political knowledge is not unfairly influenced by the teachers and staff they respect.
Author's Note: 
This bill was written to ensure safe learning zones in public schools across New Jersey, and strive towards a state of unity- not division.
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No funds are required for this bill.
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