An act regarding School Resource Officers in public schools

  • Posted on: 1 March 2019
  • By: Ashinoff Andrew
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Primary Chamber: 
An act to ensure safety in public schools
Enactment Clause: 
Be it enacted by the Youth Model Legislature of the State of New Jersey that all public schools are entitled to an exclusively trained School Resource officer (SRO) on grounds for all regular school hours
Section 1: This policy will be facilitated through the creation of a specified police training program. All departments are required to have officers in training/trained equivalent to the amount of public schools in their town, however it is up to the schools’ discretion if they want to exercise their entitlement to the officer. This is to ensure that the schools have a say in the effect of an officer’s presence on the mindset of their students. Section 2: The training program shall take place at the police academy in or closest to the departments district. The program will only be open to officers with at least five years of experience on the police force, and shall be taught over a one-year time period, with a new class being admitted yearly. The program shall consist of exercises targeting: gun control and detection in school, such as the use of a metal detector upon the students entry; drug/e-cig use on school grounds, such as surveillance and knowledge of student whereabouts; and retaliation against student bullying, such as acknowledging when to break up a potentially harmful student to student interaction. Section 3: Each family will have a voice in whether or not their child has an SRO reporting to their school due to a vote taking place at the school. This vote is completely voluntary and is focused on ensuring that the student’s mental and physical health is the top priority. Recognizing the mental toll that the presence of an officer may have on a young child, this vote allows each family to advocate for their beliefs. If the vote ends in the favor of the presence of an SRO, the officer will report to the school one week after his training ends.
Effective Date: 
Effective Date: Due to the necessary time for an officer to complete the training program, this Bill shall come into effect at the start of the 2020-2021 school year.
Statement of Intent: 
Statement of Intent: The intent of this Bill is to fully ensure the mental and physical safety of each public school student while extending the reach of New Jersey’s police force, thus enforcing the law and guaranteeing an decrease for in school violence and drug use.
Author's Note: 
Considering curriculum packages cost around 30,000$, the estimated cost of this new change is about 60,000$
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Fund Summary: 
Financial Statement: Considering the officers will still be employed by their department, their payment will come from their respective departments, while the cost of the teachers of the program will be accounted for by town-wide fairs and fundraisers.
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