An act relating to reallocation of funds towards easier and more aquirable Medicare options

  • Posted on: 22 February 2019
  • By: Kunaal Raghav
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Primary Chamber: 
An act relating to reallocation of funds towards easier and more aquirable Medicare options
Enactment Clause: 
Be it enacted by the Youth Model Legislature of the State of New Jersey that Excessive funds allocated to the Prison system be taken and reallocated to the healthcare of those who are unable to access proper medication and basic health necessities
Section 1 – This bill shall be called the “Universal Healthcare Opportunity” and should henceforth be called such
Section 2- Be it Defined: A) Healthcare- Term used for the allowing of all bodily functions to remain functioning with little or no harm from Diseases that affect the regulation of the body in a negative aspect B) Basic Health Necessities- Sanitary conditions, medicine, and other healthcare products and welfare programs that allow for the human body to properly function C) Negative- false/ wrong D) Inconclusive- Cannot be properly decided/ evidence is not substantial/ not able to properly decide E) Revoke- Take away and permanently ban
Section 3- Advisory board of 9 unbiased people who don’t affiliate with any part of the state government be assigned to this board to oversee the multitude of cases brought to this program A) The advisory must be screened and answer questions similar to those that a jury faces before being put on there during court proceedings. These screenings must cover all aspects of background checks, IQ and inkblot tests, and a test regarding political affiliation B) Under no circumstances will the board be barred for religious resinous, political affiliation, gender, sexuality or any reason that seems biased on a negative basis C) Each member must be between the ages of 18- 24 and must be in College D) To allow for a multitude of cases to be heard a total of groups of people (meaning 26 people aged 18-24) must be put a rotating schedule. No extreme hours must be enforced upon by each group. E) The people must be paid the minimum amount of 15$/hr. and no more or no less shall be permitted
Section 4 - The applicants of the program must be tested before they face the advisory board A) The applicants must go before a lie detector and answer a series of questions. If answers come back inconclusive or Negative, the applicant would be barred from the program B) The applicant must go through a background check. If the applicant is found to possess materialistic goods that could be liquified, above the poverty line, possession of drugs or caught with them, and have any criminal background then that person shall be barred from the program C) The last step of the process would be using a breathalyzer to check for alcohol concentration. Anything above the standard limit is causation for bar from the program
Section 5- If the person is accepted, they will be accommodated with the healthcare jobs to then help pay back for the medication they received A) The people must be placed in part-time jobs where they are paid$15 an hour B) If the medical condition is a cause for the inability for work, then they shall be excluded from this section of this bill and shall receive free but limited medication
Section 6- If a said person is misusing this program for any purpose, then preventative action shall be taken A) If a person is found to hoard medication, medical supplies will be taken and appropriate jail time and community service will be placed upon the person B) If person is caught stealing from the program in any way jail time and community service will be placed upon the person
Section 7- Proof of Identification must be given to ensure a person is eligible for this program C) Proof of Identifications Include Birth Certificate, Passport, Permit, Blue card (obtained from Successful Completion of Drivers Ed) or any form of Diploma from either High Schools, Middle Schools, or elementary schools D) For safety and security measures, Social security numbers, credit/ debit card information, email address, home address information, Fingerprint verification/ facial recognition tests are not acceptable forms of identification proof E) If no proof of Identification is available, a blood test can be taken so as if the person is not suffering from a blood-related disease or afraid of needles. By then the fingerprinting can be an alternative solution F) Failure to provide details of identification will ban the person from being a part of the program
Section 8- If a person is said to be housing/ taking responsibility those cases will be prioritized A) If the parent is said to be found at guilt for the poverty of the family, the child(ren) will be taken and cared for at foster homes. Under no circumstances shall the children be given back to the parents during this time. This would mean that if for example, we found a parent using the money for drugs instead of using it for the welfare of the child(ren) B) If the family is found to be needing of this program and is permitted to do so by the advisory boards, the kids, by all means, will be treated first. Depending on age, the relative care of children in each family might be different
Section 9- Proper education must be given on the importance of medicine and how it affects daily life C) Parents and Students must take a multitude of courses that allows the bare minimum of understanding of how it affects daily life D) Courses that must be taken are Fundaments and Introduction to Biology, Intro to Biology and Society, Science Medicine and You, Introduction to Human Genetics, Biology, Genetics, Anatomy and Physiology, Biological Evolution, the Biology of Cancer E) Must take all of the subjects listed above for a minimum of 5 Weeks and must pass the class Final with a Minimum grade of 64%
Section 10- Applications must be handed in and completed within its entirety F) Voters must send a paper copy of registration and send it to Township/ City hall. This is a onetime application process, meaning that no further application process is required once application is sent G) Application form, must have at least 2 security questions, which can be asked upon arrival to voting booths for verification. Both questions must be answered correctly and each question must be answered within a 20 second limit H) If person is said to have been faking identity or is said to have been caught, depending on how serious, a minimum of 6 month- 8 year on voting privileges can be applied I) Form, which should be handed in 60 Days cannot be edited unless to change Important information J) If Applicant decides they no longer want to be in the program, then they have 20 days to cancel/ Revoke their bill
Effective Date: 
If this Bill is to be considered to even pass by all proper means and has passed all necessary steps, this bill can be set On January 1st 2024 0:00:00 EST. By all means, this bill shall be considered no later than July 27th 2023 at 23:59:59 EST for it to be fully enacted on January 1st 2024.
Statement of Intent: 
The bill's goal is to help achieve a universal healthcare program, similar to that of Canada's without increasing taxpayer money or in fact overbending other areas where the focus on key activities is in lieu of funding. It has been seen that American Prison populations host extra and unnecessary inmates within their borders on the basis of nonviolent crimes such as selling of small, non-lethal amounts of narcotics. In an effort to take care of those who are allowed to, but can't, this bill allows such to happen. This bill enforces strict guidelines to make sure that those who are in dire need of healthcare ventures should be given it while also making sure that in no way should this program be taken advantage of in any way shape or form
Author's Note: 
Let it be known, that while not directly stated in any part of the bill, including the funs summary, this bill is directly tied in with Phil Murphy’s enactment of a higher minimum wage, which is set to reach $15/ hr. by 2024. This will directly tie in with sections 3 and 5 of the bills, which relate to the payments of individuals via minimum wage laws set under New Jersey’s laws. Let it also be known that this bill hopes to combat the harsh conditions of New Jersey poverty which stands at 10 % overall. For more data please see the following Poverty rate: For Children, It is 13.8%, Working-age Women, it's 10.3% Working-Age Men: 7.6% Race African American= 18.1 Asian American= 6.6% Latino= 17.4% Native=20.3% White=7.8% Other Info: Income Inequality Ratio: 17.2 Unemployment: 4.6% Health Insurance Coverage: 18.9%
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Fund Summary: 
Fund Summary: The money needed from this program will be taken from the New Jersey State Prison system. It has been noted that New Jersey on average spends approximately $61,000 per inmate per year and accumulates $1,354,767,292 per year. This bill will be taking approximately 50% of the prisons systems funding and use it for Universal Healthcare Opportunity, which is approximately $662,883,646. Though the prison system will need to start to reduce its costs per inmate and reduce number of criminals incarcerated, there will be a buffer created so that the prison system doesn’t run out of the budget and can create an effective method for repurposing their finances. This buffer will last 3 years after this bill is enacted, and will ask for an increase in taxes imposed upon the citizens of New Jersey. This money required to fund the necessary changes comes from the increase in State tax at which the highest tax was 8.97% (and ultimately led to a $ 500,00 + revenue from the tax) to the highest percentage tax becoming 12 % for the first 3 Months and ultimately reducing to 10.985 % is the highest percentage tax for the next 3 Months and ultimately dropping back to a 38.97% highest percentage tax. Ultimately this will establish the proper funding in case of minimal funds. The applicant of this program will not be faced with this program if they are provided a job via this program
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