Limitation on elderly driving to improve safety on the road for every individual.

  • Posted on: 23 March 2018
  • By: Julia Florin
Primary Chamber: 
A bill to have elders, obtain their driving privileges, by retaking a driving and vision test.
Enactment Clause: 
Be it enacted by the Youth Model Legislature of the State of New Jersey that after the age of 70, if you want to have your driving privilege, you have to retake your driver's test and vision test.
A. Vision test a. One would have to get their eyesight tests by taking a vision test. i. Vision test - an eye examination performed by a medical doctor evaluating their sight and ability to focus on still and moving objects ii. Elders can develop issues such as blind spots, which makes a person incapable of seeing everything. b. Glaucoma - a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball which gradual loss of sight i. It occurs when pressure in the eye is elevated and can hurt the optic nerve. If it’s not treated it can cause a lack of peripheral vision and possible blindness. c. Not all people have eye diseases but they may need glasses or change their prescription to get their best vision. Normally people don’t even realize that their sight is getting worse. d. In order for people to renew their license they must have their sight checked to see if it’s up to par. B. Reasons for retaking the driver’s test a. People in their 70s have an 80% chance of having arthritis which makes movements very difficult. i. Arthritis - painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints 1. Such as turning the driver’s wheel and turning one’s neck can be very painful and limiting for an elderly person. 2. Due to driving being harder for them, fatality rates are 17 times higher than people form the ages of 25 to 64 years old. 3. “In 2015, more than 6,800 older adults were killed and more than 260,000 were treated in emergency departments for motor vehicle crash injuries. This amounts to 19 older adults killed and 712 injured in crashes on average everyday” (cited for the website of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). b. Since they will have to retake the test, the driving instructor can tell if their reflexes are average of most or below. The instructor will check if they can do average things like parking and turning correctly. By making this a NJ state law (to have elders take a vision and driver’s test) it would help decrease many fatalities and injuries to the elderly and other drivers.
Effective Date: 
This bill shall take effect on January 1, 2019.
Statement of Intent: 
The purpose of this bill is so lower the amount of accidents that occur due to elderly driving. Another reason is because elder's reaction time gets slower as they age and there vision gets worse, as well.
Author's Note: 
The money will be spent by the DMV.
Fund Summary: 
Funds necessary for the implementation of this law will come from the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV).
Speedpass Consideration: