Title Author Legislature Primary Chamber Delegation
An ACT relating to decreasing food wastage in New Jersey. Nicholas Chung Kean-Livingston Senate Freehold
An ACT to reduce the amount of Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) within the state of New Jersey. Krina Shah Cleveland-Wilson Assembly Freehold
An ACT to reform Illegal Substance Statutes in New Jersey. Guhan Venkatesan Kean-Livingston Assembly New Providence
An Act on Seizing Firearms From Unstable Owners Anya Srivastava Kean-Livingston Assembly Community YMCA
An Act Relating to Minimum Wage Henry Young Cleveland-Wilson Senate Community YMCA
An act to ban all transactions and possession of automatic firearms. Seth Laura Cleveland-Wilson Senate Community YMCA
This act establishes new forms or changes that increase the number of organ donors in New Jersey. Srijan Thota Kean-Livingston Assembly Community YMCA
Establishes the use of physician-assisted suicide to be readily allowed in healthcare settings by physicians. Russell Cook Kean-Livingston Senate Community YMCA
An ACT Amending New Jersey Statutes 24:21-5 and 24:21-6 to reclassify Fentanyl as a Schedule I drug. Matthew Anstatt Kean-Livingston Senate Community YMCA
Establishes a School Security Bureau as part of the New Jersey State Police. Thomas Flanagan Cleveland-Wilson Assembly Community YMCA
This bill changes current corporate tax law in order to create a positive economic environment. Matthew Sinning Kean-Livingston Senate New Providence
AN ACT to allow the sale and and purchase of motor vehicles on Sunday Gaurav Mahajan Cleveland-Wilson Assembly St. Joseph's
An ACT relating to Election Reform Joseph Peterson Kean-Livingston Senate New Providence
An Act Relating to the Planting of Trees in Urban Areas Sarit Radak Cleveland-Wilson Senate New Providence
This bill will legalize concealed carry within the State of New Jersey. Reich Matt Cleveland-Wilson Senate North Hunterdon
Raising age limit for ownership of firearm to 25 to reduce gun violence. Isaac Alexander Cleveland-Wilson Assembly St. Joseph's
An act relating to reducing the total percentage of money that can be gambled away in the state of New Jersey. Achal Mukkapati Cleveland-Wilson Assembly Monroe
Legislation to make drug abuse illegal during pregnancy. ] Kushal Negi Kean-Livingston Senate Monroe
AN ACT to constitute the decrease of opioid related deaths and health issues. Nidhi Shah1 Kean-Livingston Senate Monroe
An Act Relating to encourage students to provide service towards the environment by enforcing them to do 25 hours of community service to graduate high school. Sushrut Awasarmol Kean-Livingston Senate Monroe