Bill Number Title Author Legislature Primary Chamber Delegation
LHTV3 An Act Relating to the Modification of Therapy Benefits for Stroke Patients suffering from Aphasia Chan Ryan Kean-Livingston Senate St. Joseph's
LFCV5 This bill requires the state of New Jersey to create a standard mental health assessment for all disability benefits Neha Gardilla Kean-Livingston Assembly Marlboro
LEEIV3 An ACT relating increasing the percentage of recycled waste in New Jersey. Riya Anand Kean-Livingston Assembly Freehold
LHTI4 An Act Relating to the New Jersey opioid epidemic and to the public safety of students enrolled Abel Stephen Kean-Livingston Assembly St. Joseph's
LEEII2 An ACT to reallocate government funds to district high schools. Charis Tse Kean-Livingston Assembly Freehold
LEEI4 An Act to reduce the amount of school closure makeup days by public schools, due to poor weather. Jeffrey Lance Cleveland-Wilson Assembly St. Joseph's
WHTVI2 An Act Relating to Increasing the Amount of Electric Car Charging Stations Along Major Highways Aayush Agnihotri Cleveland-Wilson Assembly St. Joseph's
LFCV3 An Act Relating to Compensation from the Effects of Eminent Domain Giovanni Young Kean-Livingston Assembly St. Joseph's
WHTIII4 An act regarding the maintenance of water pipes in schools and public facilities Davin Du Cleveland-Wilson Senate St. Joseph's
LFCIV4 AN ACT relating to the inclusion of all professions under the New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Act. Nandu Yenikepati Kean-Livingston Assembly Montgomery
WHTIV4 An Act mandating both a decrease and a limitation in the production of e-cigarettes Paul Padilla Cleveland-Wilson Senate St. Joseph's
LFCIV3 AN ACT relating to the duration of the maternity leave period Skriti Nakkeeran Kean-Livingston Senate Freehold
WPCII3 An ACT to improve public safety within the State of New Jersey by empowering law enforcement. Alessa Alex Cleveland-Wilson Senate Freehold
WFCVI5 An Act Relating to Protected Sexual Intercourse Roman Modhera Cleveland-Wilson Assembly St. Joseph's
WPCIII4 An act to require School IDs for both students and faculty at all public schools, starting at elementary school. Ryan Rosenthal Cleveland-Wilson Senate Cranford
WPCIII3 An Act to reduce minors' exposure to second-hand smoking Brian Zafian Cleveland-Wilson Assembly St. Joseph's
LEEIII3 AN ACT relating to the restriction of the use of class rank to differentiate students in high school Pranav Reddy Kean-Livingston Senate Monroe
WEEIII2 A proposal to have both public and private organizations be responsible for replanting any trees that are cut down for construction or maintenance. Eileen Liu Cleveland-Wilson Assembly North Hunterdon
LFCVI2 An act to implement a ranked choice voting system in the State of New Jersey Benjamin Beard Kean-Livingston Senate Voorhees
WPCIII5 Improvement of the Emergency Assistance during Weather-Related Emergencies Vibhu Agarwal Cleveland-Wilson Senate Montgomery