Title Author Legislature Primary Chamber Delegation
Establish a violence prevention program in public high schools Alison Cedarbaum Kean-Livingston Assembly Hunterdon Central
This bill is an attempt to lower the amount of pharmaceutical advertising in our everyday media. Brittany F Cleveland-Wilson Senate Hunterdon Central
Amending the current statute on the requirements to obtain a valid license in the state of New Jersey. Shaan Pasricha Kean-Livingston Senate Freehold
Why opioids should be banned from all uses Erin Burke1 Kean-Livingston Assembly Cranford
A Bill to declare the NRA a domestic terrorism-backing organization within the confines of New Jersey Francisco AiresMateus Cleveland-Wilson Senate Hunterdon Central
An act to stimulate philanthropic giving through rebranded property taxes. Benjamin Mathew Kean-Livingston Assembly Montgomery
A bill about the legalization of marijuana Kevin Fitrzyk Kean-Livingston Assembly Community YMCA
An Act relating to the establishment of Daniel H. Burnham Day as a replacement for Columbus Day Trent Zane Kean-Livingston Senate New Providence
A bill to increase safety measures when purchasing a gun. Emily Mundy Kean-Livingston Assembly Community YMCA
This bill is an act to create a system of allocating funding to school districts in the state be changed to work at the highest efficiency Kyungjun Min Kean-Livingston Senate Community YMCA
Limitation on elderly driving to improve safety on the road for every individual. Julia Florin Kean-Livingston Assembly Immaculata
This is a bill to allow upperclassmen in high school to have open campus during lunch Sheila Krispin Kean-Livingston Assembly Cranford
An act to encourage funding of the Arts Programs in New Jersey Emma Reilly Cleveland-Wilson Assembly Rancocas Valley
There is a severe lack of electric car charging stations on NJ Turnpike and throughout the state. Ryan Heerema Kean-Livingston Assembly Immaculata
Bill for heroin possession and PTI Dave Palatini Kean-Livingston Assembly New Providence
This is a bill to help fight obesity by taxing sweetened beverages in NJ. Nicole Salas Cleveland-Wilson Assembly Community YMCA
An Act relating to the commission of of a design committee to redising the NJ state banner. Tommy Rea Cleveland-Wilson Senate Westfield
This bill regulates the distance between stops for school buses. Matthew Parry Kean-Livingston Senate Immaculata
AN ACT to constitute the decrease of opioid related health issues among the elderly. Nidhi Shah2 Kean-Livingston Senate Monroe
This bill will help children get proper rights after a parents divorce. Sriya Kandula1 Kean-Livingston Assembly Monroe