Bill Number Title Author Legislature Primary Chamber Delegation
An ACT related to education and the instruction of students with disabilities. Kiran McMillan-Tulsiani Cleveland-Wilson Senate Somerville
My Bill is to have more janitors to clean bathrooms and more. Roderick Broadus Kean-Livingston Assembly Greater Philadelphia YMCA
My bill will enforce mandatory trauma-informed care training for police officers in the state of new jersey. Faith Campbell Kean-Livingston Assembly Freedom Valley Y
Be it enacted by the Youth Model Legislature of that State of New Jersey that sales of certain weapons and ammunition shall be restricted. Chester Alexis Kean-Livingston Assembly Rancocas Valley
An ACT concerning the implementation of an excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages that have a negative effect on the safety, health, and welfare of New Jersey residents. Hannah Shahinian Cleveland-Wilson Senate Somerville
An ACT relating to eligibility for unemployment benefits Katherine Dailey Kean-Livingston Senate Somerville
sex trafficking websites because this is where all of our teenagers and kids end up on. Myra'Cal West Kean-Livingston Assembly Freedom Valley Y
My bill is an act to benefit child abuse and neglect. Symir King Kean-Livingston Assembly Freedom Valley Y
An Act Relating to the reestablishment of legal affairs in New Jersey Elliott Gargano Kean-Livingston Assembly Immaculata
Bill on banning plastic bags in New Jersey Olivia Hirsch Cleveland-Wilson Senate Freedom Valley Y
Physcian-assisted Suicide of Prisoners with life-sentences Giovanni Dinten Kean-Livingston Assembly St. Joseph's
The Altering of Bail Based Off of Defendant's Annual Income Nihiduni Haldo1 Cleveland-Wilson Senate West Windsor Plainsboro
A Bill To Reduce Opioid Addiction To Limit The Amount of MME Physicians Can Prescribe Marisa Singh Kean-Livingston Assembly Freedom Valley Y
A Bill to Ban Germline Genome Editing Rohatagi Shreyan Cleveland-Wilson Assembly West Windsor Plainsboro
Relocating funds of Public high schools for Autism athletic services Holden Harbison Cleveland-Wilson Assembly St. Joseph's
An Act Relating to the privacy of New Jersey citizens and to the mass collection of photos by privatized corporations for use by state government agencies and law enforcement. Abel Stephen Cleveland-Wilson Assembly St. Joseph's
A bill to label Red #40, Yellow #5, and #6 products Nikhil Jonsson Kean-Livingston Assembly Westfield
An Act relating to the ban of the sale of Baby Crib Bumpers Rohan Jonsson Cleveland-Wilson Assembly Westfield
This bill is strictly for sex scam websites including sex trafficking to end or have a lot more security. Giada Evans Kean-Livingston Assembly Freedom Valley Y
An Act Relating to New Jersey Public Safety from COVID-19 Atiya Thounaojam Cleveland-Wilson Assembly St. Joseph's