Bill Number Title Author Legislature Primary Chamber Delegation
WHTI5 Be it enacted by the Youth Model Legislature by the State of New Jersey that in-patient long-term rehabilitation is covered by medicaid Alexis Bonilla Cleveland-Wilson Senate Marlboro
LEEII5 An ACT to educate adolescents about abortion services. Julia Rosen Kean-Livingston Senate Freedom Valley Y
WFCIII3 An act relating to the rights of children after a parents divorce. Sriya Kandula1 Cleveland-Wilson Assembly Monroe
WHTVII2 Expansion of NJ Transit David Buneta Cleveland-Wilson Senate Marlboro
LFCVIII2 This bill allows workers to choose not to join a labor organization or pay dues to a labor organization. Matthew Sinning Kean-Livingston Senate New Providence
WFCIII2 AN ACT to Amend New Jersey Statute N.J.A.C. 6A:14-2.8(a)1 Discipline of Preschool Students with Disabilities: Prohibits the suspension or expulsion of preschool students with disabilities. Kenny Grossman Cleveland-Wilson Senate Collier
WHTII4 The purpose of my bill is to make it illegal for doctors to prescribe over 50 morphine milligram equivalent (MME) Adrian Blocker Cleveland-Wilson Assembly Collier
LFCI1 An ACT to amend New Jersey Statute NJ Rev Stat § 18A:29-5 - $18,500 Minimum Salary to implement a legal minimum teacher’s salary for teachers holding a standard New Jersey teaching license. Ryan Tretsky Kean-Livingston Senate Collier
LHTV5 AN ACT relating to the abuse of over-the-counter medication. Grant Gutkowski Kean-Livingston Senate Collier
LEEIII1 AN ACT to amend New Jersey Statute N.J.A.C. 6A:8, Standards and Assessment. Devin Carman Kean-Livingston Assembly Collier
WPCI2 An act relating to the legalization of marijuana and using the tax for school funding. Julia Colleran Cleveland-Wilson Assembly Westfield
LFCIII2 Prohibiting political expression in public school environments Tina Yao Kean-Livingston Assembly Community YMCA
WHTII3 Regulating Pharmaceutical Companies reach and influence on doctors and their prescription behavior. Zain Khan Cleveland-Wilson Senate Montgomery
WFCVII3 The declaration of the right of the people to "pump" their own gasoline Henry Zeigerson Cleveland-Wilson Assembly Freedom Valley Y
WFCII3 The bill will lower the state mandated minimum wage. Jake Winn Cleveland-Wilson Assembly Cranford
LFCI3 An act regarding teenager job restrictions to be less strict Daniel Iosso Kean-Livingston Senate Cranford
LEEIV1 An ACT relating towards MEDITATION and MENTAL HEALTH in New Jersey PUBLIC SCHOOLS Carla Rios Kean-Livingston Senate Community YMCA
WEEIII3 AN ACT relating to replace coal with biomass Brienna Malamug Cleveland-Wilson Senate Cranford
LPCI1 An act relating to the decriminalizing and regulation of marijuana. Vedaan Modi Kean-Livingston Assembly Monroe
LHTIII5 This bill is to stop animal testing in New Jersey Claire McFarland Kean-Livingston Assembly New Providence